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Welcome to cycling!

You'll be glad to know that we have a large and vibrant cycling community in the Kansas City Metro. There are group rides of all speeds and skill levels every day of the week (See our Weekly Group Rides) plus there's a major cycling event nearly every weekend from May into October. There are major events through winter, too! You're definitely in the right place to nurture your cycling nirvana. Come ride with us!

If you're just getting started, one of the things to know about Cycling KC is that we take a holistic approach to your riding life. That means we focus on every aspect of it, from teaching you the skills you need to be safe, competent and comfortable in any trail, traffic, solo or group situation, to health aspects including nutrition and conditioning for major events like Century rides and racing. 

We even provide instruction on what to wear for comfort. First tip: buy those chamois shorts, your butt is worth it! Plus we have a lot of people who are only too happy to give you advice on picking out that first bike. Or the second! You'll find everything else you need to enjoy the ride. Be sure to check out our Facebook Groups Page, too. 

You Can Do It!

But what if your goal is simply to ride five, ten or 20 miles? Hey, we started there too, and we remember how it feels to accomplish that first big goal on our bikes! So we're excited to help you do the same.

Knowing the rules of the road will help you, and drivers, be safe. Read the Rules of the Road

What you need to know is that you're not alone. Become a member of Cycling KC and you're part of a community of over 1,000 people who are into healthy fun! And who love sharing their thousands upon thousands of miles of knowledge with others. As you advance in skill and experience, you'll also be glad to learn that we're here for ALL cyclists — beginner, avid and expert.

Check out our Education pages for info on upcoming classes to sharpen your bike handling and traffic'll be surprised to learn what you don't know that could have a major impact on your riding! Priced from free and up, we guarantee they'll fit your budget. See you soon, and ride safe

Here are some local area groups to investigate

Are you part of a different cycling group and want to be added to this list? Contact Us!